Thursday, May 05, 2005


by Carl Koschmann

How was he any different than jesus, john q. symphony thaught. Jesus must have been one hell of a public speaker. That, John was not. Jesus had some killer facial hair. That, john had not. But, in most ways, jesus wasnt any more special than john q. symphony. John was better at controlling his temper and he didnt push his opinions on other people.

John had begun thinking about this on an early morning flight. John q. symphony and the other passengers were waiting in the terminal in the early morning hours, drinking rum and dozing and staring out the window. The only activity out there was a high-powered hose that was cleaning off the tail end of a plane. The hose was also equipped with a giant floodlight and the operation invovled five employees. John q. symphony thought the whole process was excessive. Surely, they didnt clean off each plane every morning. When they got on the plane it was still dark and john took his seat next to the window next to a girl who reminded john q of a racehorse, but more "passenger-like" and in fact she was wearing a pink sweater. When the sun began to rise shortly into the flight, john q. lost his breath. He nudged the girl next to him to share the thing with her.

John thought, what makes me any different than jesus. Here I am noticing things and trying to share them with people. Plus I cant move my legs. Jesus had plenty of leg room. Perhaps they were coating the wings with some sort of air-lubricant in order to prevent chapped wings.


Blogger fred burgess! said...

Is this commentary on John Lennon's claim that the Beatles were bigger than Jesus?

Dave Muller had a vision that Lennon really was a new Jesus, and we were too cynical to realize it.

He was on hallucinogens at the time.

8:33 AM  

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