Monday, May 02, 2005

don't you want a fanta?

(excerpts from the likes of Henson C. Robinson)

-Not sure what is going on but I have decided to let you
in on what is in store for you if you are here...
enough said there.

-(to Jeremy Travelstead):
What time are you commin over???
DRAG RACES!!!!!!!!!!

-there were tipping of cars, display of breasts, dudes
getting beat up and having their pants and shoes stolen,
crowd surfing and all the other wonderful fruits of
a healthy riot.

-classes are doing ok, i have been a bit lazy in that area
but hey, what can you do!

-my pizza is in the oven and Henry is leading his troops to

-i must confess this is possibly the saddest news that i
have recived in quite some time. not that the package is not
in my hands but that UPS will not accept a name such as
Blow-Job Robinson.

-i am thinking of acuiring another serpent, i think it is
about time.

-I must say I am duly impressed! what got me was where does
this come from?

-any way write back while i sit in judgment. i am going
to the celing for the time being, (what?) good time makes
tities shine

singed, lord high Beanis


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