Wednesday, April 27, 2005

five year old genius

"I reached my peak in creativity when I was five. I could draw and paint and sculpt. I could sing and dance and act. I possessed my body completely. And with it became completely absorbed in life that was good and beautiful and joyful.

I examined and tested and explored. I could not bear to watch. My every day was filled with creativity that Rollo May defined: "the encounter of an intensely conscious human being with his world.

I do not confuse creativity with talent. I never had talent. Few do. But I was aware and responded, and I repsonded totally. And I had what in older people is called purpose or dedication. At five, I was creative and authentic. At five, I did it my way. At five, I was like most five year olds, a genius without talent."

- Dr. George Sheehan (from "Running and Being")


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Thanks to Carl for this passage, too.

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