Tuesday, August 16, 2005

ballet studio

discourse between half-sisters from oklahoma (submitted by carlBOMB! via thom okie) . . .

Emo (sane half-sister): I am wondering if you've left Las Vegas or what your next travel plans are...Did you and Gene take your roadtrip? tired and a little under the weather at work, Emo

Bebe (insane half-sister): I have been so busy working for this oil company in Okc. DON'T Laugh. I am serious. HAHAHAHAHAH. Gene is here too. I am temping here for a while until we go to Montreal. My French is improving slowly. je sous enchante by your entreste. j'et besyon du insouciance.

Emo : I wish I had known you were in OKC! I just returned from there on Saturday night! I was there a week for my (don't laugh) highschool reunion. I hope everything is going OK. The oil business has been booming in OKC from what I can tell. Much love to you and Gene during your adventures. Emo

Bebe : I don't work for Devon or Chespeake, I work for a govornment company called Piper International. The are involved in oil, but what they do is make metal widgets for oil wells. Halliburton is one of Piper's clients. I work in the office doing accounting and formally, receptionist. They want to hire me but my buyout is like $8000, so I don't know if that is something they want to consider.

The owner of a cigar bar suggested I sing for him, and he would then hire me to sing in the piano cigar bar in bricktown. Gene and I have been trying to put a band together, but everyone is working day jobs, so coordinating is impossible. Singing live here requires a band. In Vegas, club entertainers just use a machine like the one we have, with no pianist. Gene and I are a package deal, so they would have to hire both of us or our whole band. It's fun though. We have a ballet studio in our living room, with the hardwood floors, it's nice. LOLOL.

French class, that is nice. Gene says to speak French, take a big breathe before you speak. Also speak with feeling, expression and attitude. Talk soon!


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