Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Neal Schon from Journey speaks

We made the record. We got through it. It was fun playing with the guys again. Unfortunately [Perry] had some physical ailments, and we were never able to tour, which was very frustrating at that point. It’s almost like when you fall off a bike and you get off the bike and it falls down and you fall down with it and you get back on it and you ride it. It’s almost like it never went away. And that’s what it felt like when we got back together. So it was just very disappointing to all of us that we couldn’t get out there and play. We waited close to two years and the rest of the guys and I got together and talked about it. And we just decided to move on and this is our eighth year running with the same guys. I think our fans have completely welcomed us, showing up more and more every year when we’re playing live. That’s what this band has become – a live band again – and that’s really real. Everything that’s on video is a video, and everything that’s on CD you can’t tell how much is real anyway. So when you’re playing live, people can actually feel it and they can see that you’re there. It’s been working great for us.


Blogger fred burgess! said...

I interviewed the lead guitarist from Journey today for Buzz magazine. He was a great first interviewee for me, didn't take much prompting to get him going.

At one point, I asked him about thier live shows, and he told me about the recording industry. I then asked about their early recordings, and he told me about their live shows.

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very good blog...

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