Thursday, June 30, 2005

from "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius"

by Dave Eggers

Our being together means that something is happening, and the happening of things equals a moral good, which equals an irreducible good, which = existing = defiance = pulling = pushing = proof = faith = connection + hand-holding = affirmation= swimming to the rock and back + holding breath under water all the way from one side to the other = the fighting of fights = the proving of points, all the time = denial of the tide = flouting of decay = force - restraint - moderation - nail-biting - no-saying + wall-punching + volume-turning-upping + quick-lane-changing + car passing + light-making + yelling + demanding, insisting, staying, getting = defiance = handprints, footprints, proof = tree-shaking, fence-cutting + taking + grabbing + stealing + running = engorging = no regretting = insomnia = blood = soaking in blood and what Shalini needs is the connection, the pumping of blood, the use of the lattice! She needs her friends not only there by her side, but she needs us being as close as possible, not only to her but to each other, creating friction, noise, and if possible, she needs us having sex, having sex with each other and projecting that energy to her, the bursting of love -- it all connects, aha!


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