Sunday, September 18, 2005

transmissions from an okie, vol 1

sunday 9/14/05 (7:00 am)
Dear JY,
thank you so much for one (1) the all time most fantastic hospitality and generous living conditions but as well two (2) lettin my broke ass in at 6:30 am in the morn.  Hard times for an okie when at 5:35 am he realizes he aint got no ride, no cash, no taxi, and no keys.  Totally broke ass.  Walkin the railroad tracks, signin hank williams and the dawns early light bringin in the freshness, is when a proud ass okie knows that he got it good.  Thanks for it all.
wake up *cracker maximus* if its ten (10) or later.  got to work at 10:30.  - thom


Blogger carlBOMB said...

john young and i have opened our closet to a young man from oklahoma named thomas duncan. he arrives home every night in between when we go to bed and leave for the day - and leaves notes on our kitchen table (along with open jars of mayonnaise and compasses, etc.) and then retires to his closet to sleep. here is the first of a series of these notes, from this morning. enjoy - carl

4:46 PM  
Blogger fred burgess! said...

I like it. Thom's bringing in the freshness.

11:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree. However, Fred, you're really slacking as of late. Your entries have been few and far between, and quite frankly they've lacked spunk....yes spunk. I depend on your blog for entertainment to divert me away from my job. This is vital to my success Fred. Your blog has a place in my life every single day. and lately that place has been empty. Its something to do......a link to click.....a brief respite from my otherwise dull life. Get your ass in gear Fredo and be creative. I need you!.....AJ is a homo.

5:52 PM  
Blogger fred burgess! said...

alright, all apologies, anonymous. the burgess blog would like to continue to help people get through their workday. it has admittedly been slacking as of late.

4:12 PM  

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