Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Guests Speak, No. 2

by Henson Robinson

How do you say whoooohooo oo oo oo!!!! ??? what does that say
to you?? I like to think you would see that and think of running
really fast or sledding down a really fast hill or skiing through a
forest of trees!!!! Oh my god I am getting really excited just
writing this!!! It is making me want to run around through the halls
and isles here at work just to see how fast I could do it with out
getting caught or falling down!!!! It must be really cool to be a tuna.
There are times that my eyes move faster than my head can think!!
I am gonna eat a graham cracker!! It is crazy what a nice day will
do to people.


Blogger fred burgess! said...

Speaking of which, Henson, I heard you sprinted and fell into something called a "septic field" last summer, face first.

12:55 PM  

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